Let’s put these dorks in Skyrim. Ye.

because green screening.


This study year I’ve been getting ideas about what to draw and then I don’t do it, I’m so sorry~~ But here’s a cute lil Sly~


seamus in a hoodie (´∀`)♡

Can someone tell me why guys are soo confusing? Ugh.

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I’m gonna be 14 in 12 days woooo

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1.) What person do you admire the most?
I admire my mom, best friend, Hayes Grier, and they rest of the boys :3

2.) Do you have kids?
Nope because I’m 13. That would be weird.

3.) Are you still in school?
I’m still in hell.

4.) What is your favorite genre of music?
I like a lot of genres. Mainly pop, indie, dupstep, and other stuff.

5.) Are you a clean person?
I can be clean and dirty. There’s no in between.

6.) How many languages do you know? Which ones?
I know 2 languages, English and Spanish.

7.) What is your mood right now?

8.) Favorite artist/music group?
Shawn Mendes and Jack and Jack.

9.) Do you play any instruments?
My throat(I sing :3) but joking aside I wanna leran how to play piano, guitar, and drums.

10.) What color is your hair?
Dark *james voice* Brown

11.) Do you like cheese?
I love cheese.

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